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Microsoft Education Reseller

Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller certificate

In an initiative to strengthen our education vertical cERP Software Solutions has partnered with Microsoft. We are authorized Microsoft Education resellers.

Through this partnership we help Colleges, Schools, Universities to get an access to these industry standard tools at nominal cost for some software and at free of cost for most of the software.

We also help Schools, Colleges and Universities in following initiatives:

  1. Campus Agreement MoU with Microsoft
  2. Setting up Microsoft IT Academy for certification programs at campus
  3. TEQIP/ MHRD/ DST funding scheme solutions

Campus Agreement

The Microsoft® Campus Agreement is designed to address the unique needs of higher educational institutions. Campus Agreement lets you keep your technology up to speed, even on a limited budget. Because you license the products selected in your subscription for use on all institution-owned or leased computers within the participating department(s) (excluding server products), Campus Agreement makes it easy for administrators and users to know that the software they're using is compliant. Although you report a specific Full-time Equivalent (FTE) employee count when submitting your order, any new faculty or staff members added to.

Program Features

You have the option of choosing a one-year or three-year licensed period. In either case, you submit an annual order with your reseller specifying the software product selections for the year. One year subscription option-provides you with temporary license coverage for 12 months. At the end of the licensed period, you can extend the coverage for another 12 months by submitting an extension order through your reseller.

Three year subscription option-provides you with a three-year licensed period. If youchoose the three-year option and comply with the ordering requirements, we won't increase the per-unit pricing to your Distributor for your anniversary orders above the prices for the initial software order.

Microsoft IT Academy

The Microsoft IT Academy program is a global IT education solution connecting students, educators, institutions, and communities through a lifelong learning model of technology-skills development. Academic institutions worldwide look to the Microsoft IT Academy program to offer the latest IT education programs for Microsoft technologies.

With membership in the Microsoft® IT Academy program, institutions gain the instant recognition and credibility of the Microsoft brand along with a comprehensive curriculum, software licenses, and resources for students and educators. Communities and businesses also benefit from a highly trained and employable workforce.

Microsoft IT Academy members at both the Essential and Advanced levels receive unlimited access to up to 250 award-winning Microsoft E-Learning courses that have been specially chosen to align with Microsoft IT Academy programs. E-Learning provides students with more hands-on practice through a multimedia learning experience. Instructors can use e-learning to expand their own professional skills and to explore ways to improve classroom learning.

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