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The token management system is a dynamic and automated system which automates the process of token generation and provides multiple facilities like Block token, SMS Indication prioritize the token in case of exceptional patients, display the current consulting token to patients etc. The doctor can also generate reports based on requirement like token generated for the day, total number of consulted patients etc.


The doctor can adjust the time of appointment which has already been generated by the machine in exceptional cases. The TDS application will automatically adjust the timings with respect to the current time when doctor has logged in.

  • ✓ Set the Patient Appointment

  • ✓ Adjustment of Appointment time

  • ✓ View the Appointment Dashboard and perform consultation

  • ✓ Finish the Consultation instant in seamless fashion

  • Patients

    Token Generation:

  • ✓ Scheduled Appointments with Time Slots

  • ✓ The token transaction has multiple functionalities - adjusting        time, token consultation and change of consultation status.

  • ✓ The tokens can be consulted by doctor based on queue       system.

  • ✓ Patients can opt for the consultation type whether they have        come for general consultation, or immunization.

  • Module Description:

    Shift roster

    Shift should be allotted for the doctor before starting the token generation. Multiple shifts are allowed in the application. The shift should be created prior to the token generation process.

    Block token (Email block, phone block, web block)

    Block token is an additional feature given to the doctor to block the appointment of patients. Its works the same way as token generation but it is done by the doctor.

    SMS integration

    SMS will be sent to all patients who have taken the tokens. SMS will be triggered when there is a time change in appointment time.


    Reports can be generated for the token generated, daily transactions, monthly records etc.

    Token Vending Machine:

    92 pos hardware machine is customized to the requirement of a token dispensing system. The keys in the machine are customized and the token can be generated by the machine based on the shift timing.

    This module deals with the automatic generation of token by the point of sales machine. The patient has to press either of the two buttons provided in the machine. The buttons provide in the machine are Consultation and Immunization button. The status of the treatment will be saved to the intermediate database. The machine will generate only specified number of tokens in the particular timeslot as per the clinic requirement. Machine will not generate token prior and after the shift time slot. The time of appointment for each will be calculated dynamically based on the type of treatment like consultation or immunization.

    Token Display System (LCD):

    Run token display is an additional feature given to display the current consulting token on the display unit for the patients.

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