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eClinic Pro

  • A Comprehensive web based and integrated solution.
  • End to End clinical management Software services round the clock.
  • Automated all the process starts from Patient registration. Case management and Billing.
  • Easy to store capture and present patient organization based reports in dashboard like format
  • This system can very well be used for Ayurvedic Massage Management System, Ayurvedic Medicine Stock and Issue Management
  • SPA Management can be done using same system with little customization

Module Description

Patient Registration

Patient details likepersonal details, contact information, symptoms and health parameters are stored to the database. The image of the patient is also captured during registration process.

Doctor can view the details of registered patients

Administrator can view reports of the registered patients to calculate number of patients visiting the clinic.

If already registered member, details can be retrieved (new registration not required).

Retrieval of patient data is done by using unique patient id generated during registration or by any unique identity specified during registration process.

Doctor Registration

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Appointment Scheduling

1) Appointment is scheduled based on first in - first serve principle

2) Appointments can be modified / cancelled.

3) Appointment can be allotted for different doctors based on availability

4) Appointment scheduling reduces confusion

Consultation Module

1) The doctor can view the details of the registered patient before the start of consultation.

2) Doctor can view the history of patient illness if available

3) Doctor can update the treatment details and medication

4) Doctor can upload any medical file (if any) to the application and can be retrieved later.

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