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Biometrics - Time & Attendance Solutions

Biometric Attendance Tracker is an automated biometric system. It automates the process of marking attendance.

  • * A Comprehensive web based and integrated solution.
  • * End to End clinical management Software services round the clock.
  • * Automated all the process starts from Patient registration. Case management and Billing.
  • * Easy to store capture and present patient organization based reports in dashboard like format
  • * This system can very well be used for Ayurvedic Massage Management System, Ayurvedic Medicine Stock and Issue Management
  • * SPA Management can be done using same system with little customization
  • Employee creation/modification/de-activation

  • Attendance module
    • * Today’s attendance

    • * In-house and On duty employees

  • Dynamic shift roster

  • Staff reports - General reports(Present/absent daily & monthly)

  • Productivity reports
    • *Late comers report(Month end processing)

    • * Early goers report(Month end processing)

Employee Module

The employee module has various functionalities related to the employees of the organization. It has three sub modules
* Employee Creation
* Employee Amendment
* Employee Deactivation

Today’s Attendance (Creation and Amendment)

The functionality Today’s Attendance is used to store the attendance of the employees working away from the site, especially the employees working at the outdoor areas or customer premises or employees on travel.

Shift Roster

Shift master module deals with the creation of shift for the employees and assigning them to the corresponding employees. The shift created can be modified, deleted if required.

Bio Report

Bio-report generates the report of the employees based on different parameters and requirements. Bio-report categorizes the report in daily and monthly basis.

Attendance Reconciliation (Waiver System)

Reconciliation is an advanced feature where the administrator has the rights to modify the posted entries. It is carried out in exceptional cases by the administrator as to waive the attendance of an employee being late to office or left early from office.

Batch Process (Consolidation of Time Attendance and Posting to Payroll module)

Batch process report is created to obtain a consolidated report for a period. The batch creation enables the user to view the reports more effectively. The batch created is stored and it can be accessed every time. The batch process entries are posted to the pay roll application for further pay roll processing.

Hardware Specifications

Model No: UA-200

  • * Color TFT screen with GUI Interface for ease of use.
  • * 1 touch a-second user recognition
  • * Reads Fingerprint and/or PINs
  • * Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer when network is   not available
Model No:TK-100-C

  • * Color TFT screen with GUI Interface for ease of use
  • * Elegant Touch keypad
  • * 1 touch a-second user recognition
  • * Stores 3,000 templates and 100,000 transactions
  • * Reads Fingerprint and/or PINs
Model No: F-19

  • * 1 touch a-second user recognition
  • * Fingerprint reader with durable and highly accurate ZK optical    sensor
  • * Reads Fingerprint and/or Card
  • * Optional integrated smart card reader
  • * Access Control Interfaces 3rd party Electric lock, Door sensor,   Exit button, Alarm, Door Bell.
Model No: X-7

  • * Slim and elegant design
  • * Less than 1 second user recognition
  • * Access Control Interfaces 3rd party Electric lock, Door sensor,   Exit button, Alarm, Door Bell.

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